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Hi there, I'm Fernanda and this is where I hide from the real world. I am secretly married to the 30-year-old version of a 72-year-old man, and we are very happy together. I love answering questions, so don't hesitate in asking them :) I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I do!

any tips on singing better?

Mm, breathing and listening are two very important parts of singing. If you breath correctly using your diaphragm and you listen to yourself singing you’ll automatically be doing it a little better :)

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Yay thanks!


Press conference in Hamburg, Germany on June 26, 1966
Photo by Robert Whitaker


Barbados, February 24, 1966
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All You Need is Love, 1967
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George and Olivia at the White House.

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too. much. going. on. john in the background…george with a ball…paul being paul…ringo skipping…

Paul being Paul ,couldn’t have said it any better.


Paul is such a majestic little fairy I love him
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Macca, Circa 1967
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So what's new?

My friend, everything! Next week starts school, and I’m the new student again
I’m a little scared because its my first time being a high school student in america, and from what I’ve seen from movies, its pretty scary!

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